Erik's Random Thoughts

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Sometimes they're heading north, sometimes they're heading south. It's a parade of power company trucks that usually flys by in fleets of 10 to 20 strong. It's a great thing to watch as I sit behind my picture window near I-74. I see these service trucks go by painted in color schemes unknown to me which indicates that all of these trucks and workers are from power companies out of state. Just like the Quad Cities has responded in times of crisis to other communities nationwide with our own people and service vehicles, now it's our turn to be the recipients of help from others. I wonder about these people who have come from out of state to lend a hand in getting power back to our communities after this weekend's ice storm. These men and women really are heroes. They have come from out of state (hours on the road), they have worked nearly non-stop since their Sunday arrivals, and have in many cases left behind spouses and kids because our spouses and kids need the lights and heat on. And speaking of that, let's also realize that 100% of the job these kind folks do is outside, and it hasn't been anything close to even average weather around here since the storm moved out. Just as you gave members of our military, fire and police departments an extra nod after 9/11, if you see someone out working the lines or on a short leash from one of these power company trucks with the unfamiliar paint scheme, give them a "Hi", for next time this happens it could be your power they're here to restore.

Well, to keep all of you who have wondered about my Father's health up to date, I can say he's doing much better. His treatments for cancer have ended and he told me on the phone the other day that his energy level is slowly but surely increasing. By the way, I was on the phone to wish
him a happy 83rd birthday. He'll be getting checked out by a doctor in the nest few weeks to determine whether or not he's cancer-free.

In the spirit of ending things on a lighter note (just like the "kicker" story at the end of a newscast) I must say I've rediscovered one of life's simpler pleasures. I'm not sure why I got the bug to go and get them but the other day at the grocery store I pulled a box of Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries of the shelf and threw it in the cart. Now, trust me, this small effort got a huge look of concern from my wife. But, I told Michele how it had been about a decade since I bought a box of this stuff, and part of my purpose was to share the thrill of the crunch berry with Eryn. Well, let me just say "mission accomplished". Eryn loves them, and I have found a new friend in the morning time. Don't worry, Bacon and Eggs, I'll still be having you join me from time to time.

Enjoy the thaw - if one ever gets here!!!