Erik's Random Thoughts

Tuesday, March 13, 2007



Well, as of the 12th of March, it's official! I have accepted a position as a meteorologist at KMSP/FOX 9 (A Fox Network owned and operated station) in Minneapolis. In fact, the station is barely 3 miles from the house where I grew up (5-17 years old). I should start on the 28th of this month so we are busy fixing up and emptying the house. Anyone in the market for a nice mid-century ranch with modern updates???

It's really a homecoming cause I grew up in the Twin Cities. I have family there and a few friends. I could go on about how much I love the town but suffice it to say that it's a world-class city and I can't wait for my family to have everything they could ever have at their disposal. Yes, we were pointing south but this is a really good opportunity and now anyplace we want to go is just one plane flight away - and we won't have to connect through O'Hare (Yayyyy!!!!). Only thing is, Michele will now have to get used to a winter that is a little bit longer and tougher. Oh,,, She'll make it!

Funny how things happen. I wasn't even aware this job was open in the first place. My agent called me one day and said KMSP was interested. When KMSP called, I was in Target shopping with my daughter. After walking up and down the toy aisle talking with the news director on the phone for 15 minutes I had the job. I actually turned it down after the interview as I found out the astronomical cost of living the Twin Cities has established in my 25 year absence. However, knowing it was a great opportunity we renegotiated things and they helped make it work for me. Also in January I was offered a job in Oklahoma City. That was a good gig but I knew about Minneapolis at the time so I turned down that one. And just today, the Union Pacific called wanting to interview me. Well, so much for the railroad, but I can still have an HO version in my basement.

So, should I start singing the theme from the Mary Tyler Moore Show or should I just wait until I set foot on Nicollet Mall.

Until I go, I promise you can see me lurking at Lowe's, Home Depot, or Menards.